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Where to begin?

It has been a long, yet quick, changing journey this last year. It’s hard to believe that it has been over a year since we last posted. My what a year can bring! God has swept us into unexpected changes this last year. It has been a fruit bearing, journey changing, enduring with surrender kind of year. A year full of continuous blessings that brought a deeper faith and deeper challenges.
Ok, I’m just going to dive right in. We spent almost a year living on the side of Pastor Rick and Joye’s house. Within that year, we got pregnant with our third child Jachai James who is now 5 months old. What a surprise being that I had an IUD, which is 99.6 percent effective. God just keeps giving us children no matter how hard we try to protect ourselves from it. But He knows best and little Jachai has been a huge blessing in our lives. But with him, came a twist in vision.
We prayed for months asking what to do with a third child? Where will he be born? We had previous homebirths …

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